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Bob LaFollette Would Be Proud

July 16, 2013  By Genie Ogden [What follows are written comments submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Administration as part of the public input process on the promulgation of emergency administrative rules. – Editors] The Rules start out describing an “emergency” dating back to the occupation of the Capitol over 2 years ago, that only […]

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The People of Wisconsin Deserve Better

July 15, 2013  By Linda Rolnick [What follows are written comments submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Administration as part of the public input process on the promulgation of emergency administrative rules. – Editors] Donna Sorenson Department of Administration Via email: Donna.Sorenson@Wisconsin.gov                Hand Delivered Please consider this to be an extension of my remarks […]

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Rude Gesture Interrupts Pillage of Wisconsin; The Press is Not Amused

March 2, 2013 by Hematite Note: The following is in response to an article that appeared on February 28th on the WKOW web page, “Journalist loses credential after making obscene gesture in Senate chamber.” In the shadows of the Senate balcony nestled between the stately pillars of the chamber, the professional press is assigned two […]

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Wisconsin Dept. of Justice Dismisses Another Case for Capitol Activist

January 19, 2013   by National Lawyers Guild – Madison Chapter Yesterday, after over a hundred citations have been issued to citizens for holding signs and banners and singing in the Capitol Rotunda since September, the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office dismissed the last of eight citations against Jason Huberty for “obstructing access-no permit” under Wis. Administrative […]

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UPDATED: Jurors Not Allowed to Consider First Amendment in Political Dissent Case

January 17, 2013   By Rebecca Kemble Earlier today, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Julie Genovese approved the State of Wisconsin’s motion to prohibit Jason Huberty from giving instructions to a jury relating to the First Amendment. His case stems from an alleged administrative rule violation for  holding a banner that said “Solidarity” in the Capitol […]

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Department of Justice Declares Constitution Out of Bounds

One hundred and twelve citations have been issued in the Capitol Crackdown. While citations for holding signs (Admin Code 2.07(2)) and banners (Admin Code 2.08) are now being dismissed, citations for not having a permit (Admin Code 2.14(2)(v)) are going forward – to trial. Jason Huberty has jury trials set for January 23rd, and February […]

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UPDATED: Capitol Police Hunt Down Sidewalk Chalkers to Deliver Citations

Tuesday November 27 was a busy day for Capitol Police under the direction of Chief David Erwin.  Officer Andrew Hyatt spent the afternoon tracking down recipients of citations for administrative code violations for chalking on the sidewalk outside the Wisconsin State Capitol eleven days earlier on Friday, November 16. Around 4:40 pm, Officer Hyatt stopped […]

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What Happened to the Capitol Crackdown?

November 23, 2012 by WCMC The 100th and 101st citations in the Capitol Crackdown were issued unceremoniously on November 15th. Like so many others, they were sent by certified mail, in this case one week after the alleged violation took place. A third citation was issued in person on November 8th. That makes 3 citations […]

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Election Night Candygram

On a night when the whole country is focused on elections, Scott Walker is sending his palace guard to deliver citations at citizens’ homes. Over the last two months, the Capitol Police have issued 90 tickets to 30 citizens for demonstrating at the Wisconsin Capitol without a permit. The police have been sending the tickets […]

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“Am I Breaking a Rule? Am I Breaking a Law? What About My Activity is Illegal?”

By Lady Forward and Jason Huberty Last Friday, Jason Huberty, a free speech advocate and outspoken critic of Capitol Police Chief David Erwin’s two-month-long crackdown on dissent, took to chalking a message on the public sidewalk in front of the Capitol: “Wisconsin State Constitution, Article I, Sec 4, Freedom of Speech Shall Never Be Abridged.” […]

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