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Fightin’ Bob La Follette Must Be Rolling in his Grave

October 31, 2012 By Rebecca Kemble Participants in the Solidarity Sing Along at the Wisconsin State Capitol are known for their creative song lyrics as well as their witty signs and banners. Today, on Halloween, they added masks and costumes to render their messages in defense of free speech and against the authoritarian rule of […]

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You Can't Steal Our Vote

Exposing Election Fraud

By Barbara With As the November presidential election looms one week away, more and more citizens are becoming concerned about the dysfunctional US election systems. Many Wisconsinites believe that the far-right Tea Party victories that took place in 2010 which installed Wisconsin Republicans Scott Walker, as Governor, J.B. Van Hollen as Attorney General, Kurt Schuller […]

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The Occupy Madison encampment returned Saturday night to the site that it occupied last year for several months on the 800 block of East Washington Ave with new development and the Capitol in the background. Occupiers have maintained that the new encampment is a response to the lack of a safe, legal place for the homeless to reside, as shelters fill up and the cold weather arrives.  Police visited the site briefly Sunday before agreeing to let the dozen people and their tents stay until Monday when negotiations with the City to provide a safe legal place for people to gather will continue. Photo: Leslie Amsterdam

October 29, 2012

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#Bainport keeping the pressure on #Sensata as the Reverend Jesse Jackson is arrested Wednesday along with 13 other community leaders and Sensata workers outside the Freeport Illinois plant. Sensata is owned by Bain capital which is closing the profitable company and moving plant operations to China later this year leaving almost 200 workers without a job. Several incidents of arrests have pushed the struggle over worker rights into the national spotlight, as Sensata management is threatening to close the plant early if the protests continue. Thursday, Sensata workers walked off the job. Visit for updates. Photo: Leslie Amsterdam

October 26, 2012

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The surreal scene outside WI Capitol Wednesday as Scooter Cape man rides by as Ted Voth, Jr.(far right holding a green jacket) is being arrested for Disorderly Conduct for singing and talking in a loud voice in the rotunda of the WI Capitol after the end of the Solidarity Sing Along. Voth was arrested, taken to jail and bailed out.  Over 70 citations have been issued to citizens at the Capitol since the beginning of September.

October 25, 2012

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The Solidarity Forever march around the rotunda at the end of Tuesday's Solidarity Sing Along at WI Capitol swelled in numbers as a large group of school children visiting the Capitol joined in this daily tradition.  The space was shared by everyone.  Several Capitol police officers were on duty during the event.  No incidents were reported.

October 24, 2012

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Four defendants and their supporters stand outside Courtroom 1A at the Dane County courthouse after initial appearances for charges stemming from arrests at the WI Capitol during September. Valerie Walasek (front row, pink sweater) traveled from Florida for her mandatory appearance, and her charges for accidentally dropping a balloon and resisting arrest were dropped at the last minute. Two others who received state misdemeanor charges during the arrest of a disabled veteran in September also had their charges dismissed. The remaining defendant, Ted Voth Jr., entered not guilty pleas for Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Arrest for charges stemming from the same September incident.

October 23, 2012

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The Reverend Al Sharpton stands alongside Dot, a longtime Sensata Technologies worker and other citizens arrested in recent civil disobedience actions related to Sensata outsourcing all jobs to China by the end of the year. The encampment set up outside the Freeport, Illinois plant is receiving national attention. Learn more at Photo: Leslie Amsterdam

October 22, 2012

Learn more about Bainport here:

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Mitt Romney Come to Bainport!

We Are All Bainport

Welcome to Bainport, USA. Bainport is an encampment set up across the street from Sensata Technologies. Sensata is closing the Freeport plant later this year and outsourcing all operations to China, leaving almost 200 hard working middle class Americans without a job. Sensata is owned by Bain Capital, and to call attention to their plight […]

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Edward Kuharski displays his daily sign during the Solidarity Sing Along on Wednesday as he publicizes the plight of the homeless in Madison.  Last week 7 homeless residents of Madison had all of their belongings confiscated and thrown away by city workers. There have also been funds included in the new city budget to be distributed to homeless individuals so that they can return "home".  Kuharski has highlighted these issues in a recent article for the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative and will continue to advocate for this group in meetings with city officials, as the impending cold weather highlights the need for more solutions.

October 19, 2012

There is a rally on Saturday October 27, 2012 at 2:oopm at Reynolds Park in Madison (the site of Occupy last year) to bring attention to the need for positive change and solutions. Read Edward Kuharski’s article here:

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