UPDATED: Capitol Police Hunt Down Sidewalk Chalkers to Deliver Citations

Tuesday November 27 was a busy day for Capitol Police under the direction of Chief David Erwin.  Officer Andrew Hyatt spent the afternoon tracking down recipients of citations for administrative code violations for chalking on the sidewalk outside the Wisconsin State Capitol eleven days earlier on Friday, November 16.

Capitol police deliver citations in the evening to citizens homes. Photo: Lisa Wells

Around 4:40 pm, Officer Hyatt stopped by the Blooming Grove home of Jason Huberty, where Hyatt and an officer that he was training delivered a citation for violation of Administrative Code 2.07(2) ‘Unlawful display.”  The pair then visited the near west side home of Genie Ogden at about 5:15 pm to deliver a similar pink ticket. At some point later in the afternoon, Hyatt then apparently proceeded to the west side address of record for Sara Blackthorne on Mohawk Trail. Sara moved several months ago and did not leave a forwarding address.

Officer Hyatt then attempted to reach Ms. Blackthorne several times on her cell phone, even though the number is unlisted. He tried at 6:27 pm and then again at 6:28pm, without leaving a message. Blackthorne received another call at 6:48 pm from a unknown 267 exchange, but there was no message.

At 7:30, Officer Hyatt proceeded to the far northeast side home of Theresa Wigchers, where her son informed Hyatt that she would be home in a little while.  At 7:52 pm, Blackthorne’s partner, Chaous Riddle, received a message that  Hyatt had been looking for Blackthorne at Chaous’ nephew’s home on the east side, where Chaous stays occasionally.

CPO Andrew Hyatt delivers citations to 2 individuals at 8:30pm on 11/27/12. Photo: Lisa Wells.

At 7:54 pm, Officer Hyatt called Blackthorne again, and this time left a message:

“Hey Sara, It’s Officer Andrew Hyatt of the Capitol Police calling. I need to get in touch with you. I’ve got a citation that I need to serve to you. I just stopped at Chaous’ house and you’re not here, but please give me a call back. We can meet up wherever you’d like, but one way or another we gotta get this to you. Thanks. Bye.”

Blackthorne called Officer Hyatt back and informed him that she could meet him at the home of the fourth ticket recipient of the evening, Theresa Wigchers. A little after 8:30 pm, Officer Hyatt met both Wigchers and Blackthorne back at Wigcher’s far northeast side home to deliver the final two citations of the day, all for the same infraction. Blackthorne’s partner live streamed the citation delivery which is included in Blackthorne’s personal account of what happened to her over the course of the afternoon.

The map below shows one possible route utilized by Officer Hyatt on Tuesday afternoon and evening. He left the Capitol with the officer that he was training just after 4 pm and ended up on the far northeast side – without the extra officer and in a different vehicle – at about 8:30 pm. At some point during the afternoon he returned the officer in training to the Capitol and changed vehicles.

All of the citizens who received citations in this episode are known to Capitol Police. The citations could have been issued to them in person at the Capitol. Huberty and Ogden were both in the building earlier in the day to give blood at a Red Cross blood drive. All of today’s citation recipients regularly attend the Solidarity Sing Along held in the Capitol over the noon hour on weekdays.

Bart Munger receives his citation with a smile from Officer Andrew Hyatt. Photo: Lisa Wells

UPDATE: On Wednesday, Officer Hyatt served the fifth citation for the 11/16 chalking incident to Bart Munger during the noon hour Solidarity Sing Along. Munger accepted his citation with a smile while the singers one floor below looked on. This marks the first time that Capitol police have served a citation during the song circle. Previously,  they had refrained from such activities noting a lack of sufficient personnel should there be a security concern. There was no incident during the citation service and a round of applause for Munger followed the officers’ departure.

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2 Comments on “UPDATED: Capitol Police Hunt Down Sidewalk Chalkers to Deliver Citations”

  1. liberallioness November 29, 2012 at 8:34 am #

    Welcome to the 4th Reich

  2. Mark E. Bye December 3, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Maybe it’s time to file an open records request for all information regarding the staff time and wages expended on tracking down all of these ruthless and dangerous individuals. Anything and everything that takes place ouside of Capitol Square, proper.

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